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Rising damp in Derry occurs when your damp proof course breaks down allowing water present in the ground to rise into the brickwork and the internal plaster of your home.

Understanding Rising Damp in Derry

This water contains hygroscopic ground salts (chlorides and nitrates) these will contaminate the plaster and will absorb moisture from the atmosphere which will increase the amount of water in the wall.

Some people think it is acceptable to have rising damp in their home and I am often told that they expect some dampness to be present in their property. I think you should consider that any damp entering your walls from the ground would be contaminated with all kinds of germs which would put anybody’s health at risk.

Treating Rising Damp in Derry

When treating rising damp in Derry all work undertaken by our panel of damp proofing experts is carried out in accordance with British Standards BS-6576-1985, entitled, The Installation of a Chemical Damp Proof Course.

If required, and the new damp course needs to be injected from inside of the property plaster would be removed from the wall to a minimum height of 1.00 metre from the internal floor and a chemical damp proof course would be installed, if possible and the injection can be carried out externally this makes the job cheaper in terms of its cost to the homeowner as remedial repair works such as re plastering will not be required. Wherever possible our members inject new courses externally but on the occasion this is not possible we will explain why to the homeowner.

Brickwork would be treated with an anti-sulphate solution to stabilise the salts ensuring no further salt contamination to the new plaster, after which a lightweight renovating plaster will be applied to the brickwork and then the wall will be skim plaster finished.

British Standard BS-5492-1990 Rising Damp Treatments in Derry

All of these processes and products used ensure that work carried our by our approved panel of damp proofing experts conforms to British Standard BS-5492-1990 The British Standard for internal Plaster Finishes and BS-6576-1985 The British Standard for A Chemical Damp Proof Course.


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